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SNDP Part 1

SNDP Part 2: Policies and Explanatory Text

A Design Guide for Salisbury

Shopfront Design Guide: Class E "Shopfront" and Class MA Development Design Guide

Salisbury Housing Needs Assessment

Salisbury Strategic Environmental Assessment

Salisbury Habitats Regulation Assessment

SNDP Community Survey Report

SNDP Community Infrastructure Report

Churchfields Masterplan

Let's Talk About Housing Report

Salisbury Profile

Salisbury City Council and a group of very hard-working community volunteers have been meeting since 2018 to produce a neighbourhood plan for the City. The purpose of this plan is to help citizens and the council to shape planning decisions in the city: to protect what is good, to get more of what is needed, and to avoid what is harmful regarding future development.

The plan is a wide-ranging document and it seeks to influence all aspects of the City's built environment such as seeking to have more trees planted, protecting and enhancing our green spaces and rivers, providing affordable housing for our young people and also providing for older people who need safe places to live, improving air quality and supporting our essential services such as the NHS and our post offices.

Neighbourhood planning is a process set out in UK legislation, mainly in the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 and 2017.

The current consultation will be taken into account by the City Council and changes will be made to the draft as necessary. All documents will be updated following the consultation and new documents (the consultation statement and the basic conditions statement) will be prepared.

All final documents will be submitted to Wiltshire Council as the Local Planning Authority. Wiltshire Council will then do another consultation and pass those responses to an independent neighbourhood plan examiner who will assess the final plan and the comments and recommend that it is progressed to referendum. The examiner may also require modifications to the text or policies, or may conclude that the plan may not progress.

The final test is a public referendum, paid for by Wiltshire Council, where the Salisbury community can vote on whether or not to adopt the plan as the planning decision framework for Salisbury.

Click here to visit the consultation website and have your say!