Environment and Climate Committee

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The Environment and Climate Committee consider:

Environmental Services which includes– Facilities, Street Scene, Parks & Open Spaces, CCTV, Crematorium and Cemeteries

Environmental Action Plan and associated matters– which includes the monitoring and delivery of the plan

Any other matter which may be delegated to it by the Full Council from time to time

Any matter requiring additional or new budget provision outside that previously agreed by the Council in respect of the above work areas shall be referred to the Finance and Governance Committee for final consideration and determination


Environment and Climate Committee Membership 

Conservative:   Cllrs C Hibbert, S Hocking, A Hoque, E Wills
Labour:          Cllrs J Bolwell, J Wells*
Liberal Democrats: Cllrs A Bayliss, C Stanway
Independent: Cllr A Riddle**

* Chair  **Vice Chair