Salisbury City Council is made up of 24 elected Councillors who represent eight wards across the City. 

These Councillors regularly meet as a Full Council.  Only Full Council can make decisions about the following issues.

  • Setting the precept
  • Borrowing money
  • Making, amending or revoking Standing Orders, Financial Regulations and Internal Controls
  • Matters of principle or policy
  • Any proposed new undertakings

Full Council minutes

The four principal committees are:

Please note that at the Extraordinary Full Council on Monday 9 May 2022 the council decided to divide the Services Committee into three separate committees. These are now the Community Services Committee, Environment and Climate Committee, and Events, Markets and Grants Sub-Committee. Please click here to view the Services Committee minutes prior to 9 May 2022.

Events, Markets, and Grants Sub-Committee (please click here to view the minutes)

The Personnel Committee is in existence to be called upon as required

Personnel Committee minutes

Full details, agenda and minutes of these committee meetings can be found by clicking here

To view the Committee membership please click here

To view the Committee meeting calendar for 2022/23 please click here

To view the Committee meeting calendar for 2023/24 please click here

More details about this are available in the Council Standing Orders.