Community Orchards

Salisbury City Council has planted three Community Orchards. One at Bishopdown Green, one at Fisherton Recreation Ground and one at Lower Bemerton.

The Bishopdown Community Orchard has been designed to be user friendly and visually exciting – with varieties that have a stunning display of blossom as well as heavy, reliable crops.

The Fisherton Community Orchard has been designed to create an area for relaxing and picnicing amongst an interesting mix of twelve apple trees that are of UK heritage.

For further information about our orchards and the varieties of fruit trees at these sites, please click here

Fun with Apples:

Apple Quiz

Apple Quiz answers

Apple Word Search

Orchard Word Puzzle

Orchard Word Puzzle answers

Facts about Apples:

Pruning Notes

Apple Pests and Diseases

Make an Insect Home

Maintaining A Healthy Orchard


Recipes for Apples:

Apple Magic Recipes   /   Apple and Celeriac Soup   /   Rollmop, Apple, and Potato Salad   /   Roasted Butternut Squash with Apple, Shallots, Olives and Feta   /   John Dory with Cider, Apples and Cream   /   Apple Bread   /   Parsnip and Apple Cake   /   Baked Apple and Almond Pudding,    /   Pommes Au Beurre   /   La Tarte Aux Pommes   /   Apple and Amaretti Tart   /   Apple, Orange and Apricot Crumble   /   Apple Pavlova

Apple Day:

On Sunday 19 October 2014 at  the Community Orchard, Fisherton, we held an Apple Day. It was a great success with around 60 people joining in the fun in juicing apples, tasting a wide range of British fruit, making colourful felt toffee apples, and being entertained by the wonderful Mrs Apples.

British apple tasting  Apple juicing with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Chopping apples ready for juicing

British Apple TastingApple juicing with Wiltshire Wildlife TrustChopping apples reading for juicing

Entertainment from Mrs Apples


Useful links about Apples:


Home of the National Fruit Collection, suppliers of expert advice and the original trees for our Orchards

Triscombe Nurseries

Suppliers of additional trees in our Orchards

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

We are proud to haved worked with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and their Food Champions Programme.

Orange Pippin

Visit this site for extensive lists and descriptions of apples

Common Ground

An environmental and arts organisation with lots of information on apples and Community Orchards