Sports Walls & Skateparks

Salisbury has a series of sports walls and skateparks at a variety of convenient sites around the city. Sports walls provide safe, modern attractive facilities for people of all ages to play basketball and football. Our skateparks provide an area to test both skate and bmx skills.

Sports Walls

The Sports Walls that we maintain can be found at the following locations:

The Greencroft

Churchill Gardens

Harnham Recreation Ground

Wyndham Park Open Space

Lower Bemerton


Meryrick Close




Salisbury City Council manage and maintain skateparks across the City, these are: Churchill Gardens (updated and re-designed in 2014) Bishopdown Open Space and Western Way. Western Way skate ramp was upgraded in 2016 and now has a dual level, modern half pipe made using the latest materials and construction.


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Picture: Western Way Skate Park