Lower Bemerton

Lower Bemerton Recreation Ground

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This open space, managed by Salisbury City Council, is fortunate enough to be bordered on two sides by the River Naddor and offers a children's play area, multi-use games area and a grassed space for recreation with access to the river. 

Lower Bemerton Recreation Ground is also one of three open spaces in Salisbury that is lucky to have a community orchard, planted in 2013 with the help of pupils from Bemerton St John Primary School. The orchard contains different varieties of English apples and visitors are welcome to pick their own.

The River Nadder, although not a pure chalk stream rises from a number of springs and small streams at Donhead St Mary in south Wiltshire. It is joined by the River Wylye at Wilton and joins the Avon at Queen Elizabeth Gardens opposite Salisbury Cathedral before flowing into the sea at Christchurch.

Mute Swan, Herons and Coots are common, Kingfishers flit along the river and may be spotted with a little patience.

In the river itself Brown Trout are commonplace, most likely to be seen between May and July during Mayfly season, and Salmon might possibly be spotted in October and November as they pass through to their spawning grounds. The river is also home to many other common species of UK fish such as Pike, Roach, Grayling and Bullhead.