Harnham Slope

Harnham Slope is Salisbury's southern woodland and extends west towards the chalk pit and east to include Chislebury Grove. It provides a distinctive backdrop to views from the opposite side of the city.

The Slope covers a steep chalk escarpment which forms the northern slope of Harnham Hill and offers fabulous views of the city and the cathedral. Providing a wildlife corridor and being geologically significant the woodland is a designated County Wildlife Site and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

The area provides important wildlife habitat for birds, mammals, bats and butterflies – and a large badger set can easily be found at the west end of the site, just before the picnic area.

The site is also of archaeological interest with an Iron Age Village and Anglo Saxon Burial Ground in evidence, historical evidence of droving and pastoral use as well as use for chalk extraction and in the Cold War.

The Friends of Harnham Slope give the city council valuable assistance on the slope, monitoring wildlife, maintaining the glades and improving habitat (amongst other undertakings).


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