Outdoor Hire Event- Application form

This form comprises of 3 steps to complete the application. You will be required to upload certain documents with this application in step 3 of the form.

Contact Details

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Event Information

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Are you asking to use the space for free?
Are you fundraising at the event?
Do you require overnight parking?

Event Information

Will you be bringing any traders as part of your event?
If you answered yes, will you be charging them to attend?

Event Security

Will you have security for your event?

Waste Management

The site must be returned to a standard of condition for public use of the space. Failure to do so will result in charges being raised to cover the cost to rectify plus an admin fee.

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Documents Required & Confirmation

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We require the following documents along with your application.

Do you have an Event Management Plan (EMP) for the event?
Have you approached Wiltshire Council with regards to organising an ESAG (Event Safety Advisory Group) meeting?

Data Protection

Salisbury City Council will not sell or rent your personally identifiable information to anyone, or use the data for any other purpose incompatible with the purpose for which it was originally collected. We will only hold your information until the hire period has ended and full payment has been received whichever is the longest date.

You can opt out of this at any time by emailing markets@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk
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