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There are various memorials available at the Crematorium as a lasting tribute; these include the Book of Remembrance, Wall Plaques or Memorial Tablets, Memorial Vases and bulb planting (Spring Remembrance).

Plastic vases are provided for people wishing to bring flowers in memory of a loved one. Cut flowers can be placed along the Colonnade and outside the Book of Remembrance Chapel. There is usually a selection of vases on the Colonnade by the water tap and litter bin.

If you desire a special memorial other than the ones that are available at the crematorium, then the Parks Department offer the opportunity to arrange a Memorial Bench to be positioned in one of the Gardens around the Salisbury City. For more information please telephone the Parks Department on: 01722 342860.

The crematorium also have several new Memorial Benches within the grounds which can accommodate up to five individual plaques on each. The plaques are for a lease period of 10 years and Salisbury City Council will maintain these shared Memorial Benches. The Crematorium Manager and staff are more than happy to advise you on this.

Please be aware that there is a herd of deer residing in the adjoining London Road Cemetery and they periodically enter the Crematorium Grounds and eat cut flowers/funeral flowers that are left at the crematorium.

The Memorial Roses were removed from the Garden of Remembrance at Salisbury Crematorium in the spring of 2014. This was due to a herd of deer living in the adjoining London Road Cemetery entering the Crematorium Grounds and damaging/eating the rose bushes.

Salisbury City Council had stored the Rose Plaques since this time and sensitively disposed of them at the end of January 2017.

Memorials at Salisbury Crematorium Guidelines

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