Chapel and Service Information

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The Chapel has seating for approximately 130 people and is dedicated for services of all religions or creed. However, if a religious service is not required, it is possible to just sit quietly for a while, or have a family member or friend say a few words with some special music playing in the background. The cross can also be removed if desired.

Services are held every hour. This is designed to allow up to 35 minutes for the service in the Chapel and a 25 minute time to enable the family and friends to meet briefly after the service on the Colonnade and view any floral tributes* and then leave ready for a following service. It is possible, if required, to book a double time slot; this is particularly useful and indeed advised, if you are expecting a very large number of attendees or if a longer funeral service time is required.

New crematoria built in this country today offer the same capacity for seating in their Chapels/Ceremony Halls as offered here in Salisbury. If a larger attendance is expected it is strongly advised that the main part of the service should take place at a larger church or venue followed by a family only committal at the Crematorium. The funeral director should advise you of this when making the arrangements.

The Chapel at the Crematorium can also be used for funeral services prior to burial elsewhere or in the Avenue Cemetery.

*Unless specified floral tributes that are left at the crematorium will remain on the lower colonnade for a minimum of four days after the cremation service before being removed.

Please also be aware that there is a herd of deer residing in the adjoining London Road Cemetery and they periodically enter the Crematorium Grounds and eat cut flowers/funeral flowers that are left at the crematorium.