Partnership working makes sense for lots of different reasons, not least that it provides opportunity to view and understand issues from different perspectives and is potentially a move towards more 'joined up thinking' between departments, agencies and sectors. It can be useful to bring together people from different agencies and sectors, recognising that they all bring particular agendas, skills, resources, connections understandings, organisational cultures.

Current Partnership Projects

Warm and welcoming

The Salisbury City Council Communities team are working with a range of local partners including Safer and supportive Salisbury, Silver Salisbury, Harnham Community Network and our community partners within Wiltshire County Council to collate a list of Warm and Welcoming Spaces to publish for our residents.

A warm and welcoming space is somewhere people can gather together, benefit from the warmth and welcome on offer to them in what is going to be a difficult winter for many.

You can join the Warm and Welcoming Spaces List if you…..
• Are you a Church, organisation, association, club, venue or business opens its doors to the public to provide a low-to-no cost place to meet and socialise.
• If everyone is welcome in your space – i.e. it is open to the general public during the times you list, with no criteria for entry.
• If you are happy to tell us whether you have a safeguarding policy in place

Download the form for full details and return to

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To find out more details contact us on 01722 417100.