Purple Flag

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What is Purple Flag?

Purple Flag is an accreditation managed by the Association of Town Centre Management working alongside the Purple Flag Advisory Committee - a partnership of key stakeholder groups, including central and local government, police, business and consumers.

Just as the Blue Flag is an indicator of a good beach, Purple Flag is the indicator of where to go for a good night out.
Purple Flag is the “gold standard” for town centres at night, it aims to raise standards and improve the quality of our towns and cities between the hours of 1700 and 0600. It is an accreditation scheme based on a unique set of standards and towns and cities that meet the standards can fly the flag. 

Why is Salisbury applying for a Purple Flag?

Salisbury has held Purple Flag status since 2012 and is currently reapplying for the accreditation. The City already provides a wide range of activities during the day and in the evenings; however, achieving a Purple Flag will bring positive publicity to the city and encourage further diverse activities.

We would like to encourage more people to come to Salisbury in the evenings, not just young people, but older people and families with young children.

We want to ensure that people visiting Salisbury feel safe and that they are in a city that is clean, attractive and accessible.  A city where they can have a good night out not just in the local pubs and clubs but at a wide range of activities including arts and culture, leisure, food and dining, education and events.

What area does the Purple Flag cover?

The Purple Flag area will cover the City Centre within the Ring Road, including Train Station, Winston Churchill Gardens and Wiltshire College – Salisbury Campus.

What will Salisbury have to do to get a Purple Flag?

As part of the application those working on the scheme will have to show that there is a clear aim and a common purpose to ensure that Salisbury:

  • Is welcoming, clean and safe
  • Is supported by good transport links for arrival, circulation and departure, with an appropriate form of late-night public transport provision as well as good accessible car parking
  • Has clear, safe and convenient pedestrian links within the centre and homewards
  • Has a vibrant choice and a rich mix of entertainment and activities
  • Is a stimulating destination and a vital place to be
  • Is appealing at night for all age ranges
  • Is convenient, functional and attractive at night as well as during the day
  • Is alive after five.

What are the benefits of having Purple Flag status?

Having Purple Flag status will provide an opportunity to promote Salisbury widely as an excellent city to visit in the evenings.  By encouraging more people into the city, opportunities for more diverse activities will open up and will ensure that the supporting services are maintained to make Salisbury a safe and accessible place.  This will lead to longer term economic viability and a vibrant city.

Places that have been awarded the Purple Flag have shown that by encouraging a wider range of people into the centre at night, crime and anti-social behaviour rates are lower.  It also has provided organisations with the opportunity to work together in partnership to achieve a common goal, which has helped to cement a positive foundation for future projects.

Who is involved in the process?

Salisbury City Council, Salisbury City Centre Management, Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Police, Pub Watch, private businesses including shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs, local charities, local media, sport and entertainment providers, Street Pastors and Transport.

When will we know if Salisbury has been successful?

The current closing date for application to the ATCM is October 2019, and it is hoped our application will be included in this phase.

The application will then be assessed and if any additional information is required the Steering Group will be notified. Purple Flag assessors are planned to visit the City on Saturday 7 December 2019. 

Once this visit has taken place a report will be produced and presented to an ATCM Board for a decision which is likely to be sometime in early 2020.

Who awards the Purple Flag?

The scheme is managed by the Association of Town Centre Management (ATCM) supported by the Home Office and working alongside the Purple Flag Advisory Committee, which is a partnership of key stakeholder groups, including central and local governments, police, businesses and consumers.

How long does Purple Flag status last for?

If a Purple Flag is awarded, the area has to be reassessed annually to ensure that standards are being maintained.

Where can I go to find out more?

Further information can be found from the Purple Flag website or by calling 01722 342860 or email ascadden@salisburycitycouncil.gov.uk