Community Development Testimonials

Some reflections from the group members of Bemerton Heath's The Kaleidoscope Club:

"Good support network leading to opportunities for volunteering"

"Like to learn new skills for lifestyle improvements"
"Relaxing and therapeutic"

"Rewarding and enjoy trying new things"

"Improving skills level and a real boost of confidence I have achieved so much more than I

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Some reflections from the Arts and Craft sessions in the Summer of 2016:

"I liked the staff that helped me"

"Interesting, children enjoyed it, it was free"

"New experience and great fun, skills to learn"

"This was a lovely day out and brand new experience that was enjoyed by the whole
family! Thank you so much it was fabulous!!!"

"I enjoyed the creativity. Good fun and would do it again"

"Good Fun. It was a great achievement"

"Yes I would recommend it because it was fun and it is appropriate to everyone"

 tshirt arts and crafts

Reflections on Thursday's lunch club at the Friary:

"The company is always good – all very nice people

I like the meals we have and the chance to increase what I can to access in the week and raise my social skills

Sociable, nice to be cooked for and a variety of dishes to try

Lunch club