Frequently asked questions about our allotments

How big is an allotment plot?

For legal reasons, the size of an allotment is quoted in rods, an historic unit of measurement.  A typical plot on one of our sites will be either 5 or 10 rods.  A 5 rod plot is approximately equal to 126.5 square metres or 151.3 square yards. This usually means that a plot will be 5m wide by 25m long.

How much does an allotment cost?

The current cost of an allotment is £9.20 per rod/per 25.3 square metres, per annum.  Accordingly, the cost of a 5 rod plot for 2022 is £46.00 for the year. A 10 rod plot is £92.00. Allotment bills are automatically sent out in January. Payments can be made in a variety of ways – online via our website, or at our Information Centre (Fish Row) by cash, cheque, or card. Alternatively, please send a cheque in the post quoting your invoice number.  If you require a receipt, please also send an SAE.  We do not recommend that you send cash in the post.

New tenants

When we first set you up with your plot, there is a charge of £12 (including VAT) to cover the cost of cutting a new key to the site. (This price is subject to change without prior notice).

What facilities do the allotments have?

Each of our sites has its own water supply and a dedicated Warden to assist tenants.  Our sites also have security fencing and lockable gates to prevent unauthorised access; tenants are provided with keys to access their site.

It’s a bit harder than I thought - can I share my plot?

No – you can’t. The Allotment Agreement specifically prohibits sub or under letting of plots. Plots can usually be transferred to an immediate family member should the need arise. However, you must remember that you need permission to do this.

If you’re struggling with your plot for any reason please contact us – we may be able to halve your plot.

Can my plot be taken away from me?

If you fail to cultivate your plot, keeping it tidy and weed free, you will be served a Notice to Quit. This gives you fair time to sort out any issues. However if the plot continues to be poorly cultivated, it will be repossessed.

If you discover you are having difficulty with the workload please contact us. Before you take on a plot you may find our “What do I need to think about before I take on an Allotment” guide useful.

Are your allotments accessible to people with disabilities?

Special provision has been made for disabled gardeners at the Fisherton Farm allotment site. Please contact us for more details.

What can I grow on my allotment? Can I keep animals?

We are happy for you to grow whatever you want on your allotment within reason and within the law! We would just ask that you give consideration to your neighbouring tenants when deciding what to plant.  Tenants can also apply separately to keep animals such as chickens after a period of six months. There are specific and detailed guidelines and regulations relating to the keeping of livestock on allotment sites though, so we would ask that you contact us if you are considering doing this.


Bonfires are permitted for burning garden waste only.  Currently Tenants are permitted to have bonfires, weather permitting, on Wednesdays and on Saturday mornings.  Fires must be attended to at all times with due care and regard to neighbours.

How long will I have to wait before I get a plot?

This depends on which site you are interested in. Some of our sites are more popular than others so the waiting lists on these may move more slowly than others. We can advise you on how long you would expect to wait when you get in touch, but most people wait for less than a year.

What is the Allotments & Gardens Association Salisbury?

The Allotments & Gardens Association Salisbury is an independent group, entirely autonomous from the City Council, consisting of allotment tenants whose aims are to represent concerns and issues to the Council. Membership currently costs £7 per annum.

How do I get an allotment?

Anyone who lives in Salisbury can apply for an allotment on any of our Sites in the City.

Anyone living in Laverstock, Ford and Old Sarum can apply for an allotment at the Cow Lane Allotment Site in Laverstock which is also managed by Salisbury City Council.

Allotments are popular though – meaning that we usually having waiting lists at most of our sites.  Simply call us on 01722 342860 or email – we’ll need to take some contact details from you but we can put you on our waiting lists immediately.  If you already know which site you’d like a plot on let us know this too – we’ll be able to tell you where you’ll be on the waiting list for the site, as well as talking to you about other possible sites that might suit you.

Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications from people who reside outside the City (Parish) boundary at the present time. If you live outside the City, allotments will be administered by your local Parish or Town Council. To find your Town or Parish Clerk just click here: