Notice to all allotment tenants - Bonfires on allotments

Why have an allotment?

Allotments are a great way of producing homegrown, healthy fruit and vegetables at low cost

Allotments are good for the environment 

Allotments are a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air

Allotments are a really sociable place so are great for meeting new people and making friends

Allotments are a place to unwind, relax and take time out from a hectic life style

Allotments can be a brilliant family activity – or suit those who want a hobby of their own!

What do I need to think about before I take on an allotment?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions About our allotments


How many allotments does the council have?

There are currently 760 plots across 12 different sites around the city:

The Butts; Coldharbour Lane; Cow Lane; Fisherton Farm A; Fisherton Farm B; Fisherton Farm C; London Road; Stratford Road; The Tunnel; Warres Acre; Westwood & Wiltshire Road.


Location Maps of City allotment sites:

Allotments in Salisbury

Allotments North Salisbury

Allotments South Salisbury

Allotments East Salisbury

Allotments West Salisbury

Most of our sites have a waiting list. If you would like to know more please contact us.


Allotment Tenant Agreement

Click here to view the Allotment Agreement made on January 2023 which also outlines the tenant's terms and conditions.


Allotments & Gardens Association Membership Form

To apply for a membership of the Association click here. Membership of the Association is available to allotment holders and gardeners in the Salisbury and surrounding areas.


photo of the allotments   sunny day at the allotment